Invest in counselling in schools and colleges: Contact your MP

BACP is looking for your assistance with our campaign for a paid counsellor in every secondary school and college in England, which will be the core ask within our response to the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). You can find out more about the CSR here


The CSR will set the blueprint for Departmental Spending for the next four yearsThis year’s CSR is particularly critical in ensuring we secure support for therapists and particularly our children and young people to help meet the expected increased demand for mental health support which has been further exacerbated by the pandemic.  


You can help by writing to your MP to ask them to lend their support for a Government funded counselling roll-out for secondary schools in England in any representations they or their parties are making to the Comprehensive Spending Review process. 


England needs to catch up with the other UK nations in the mental health support it offers children and young people – and there is no more crucial time than now to do this.  


Whilst the CSR is for England only we would welcome support from MPs in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to help us extend provision to vulnerable children and young people across the whole of the UK.


If young people are to emerge from the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic and flourish academically and socially; supporting their mental health in the weeks, months and years to come must be prioritised.  School counsellors are in the perfect position to help with this. 

What will my letter say?


The letter will make the case for government to provide a fully funded counselling provision across England’s secondary schools and colleges. As the focus of the CSR is HM Treasury, we have set out a fiscal case for support, which includes costings and evidence on return on investment. This draws on evidence from the other nations of the UK, which all have national funded school counselling programmes in place.