General Election 2019 - Contact Your Candidates

December's General Election will see all 650 Westminster seats across the UK contested. While we know a lot of the debate will focus on Brexit, it's vital that we use this crucial opportunity to ensure the voice of counselling and psychotherapy is heard loud and clear by the next cohort of MPs.

So how can you help? We've developed a simple template which sends an email to all prospective parliamentary candidates in your constituency. Included within the template are some key asks around psychological therapies for the next Government. But you can make it even more powerful by adding in your own personal experience and reflecting the needs of your local community.

Together we can send every new MP back to Parliament with the clear message that counselling changes lives.

Top tips to engage your candidates

  • Keep it short and targeted. Candidates are generally one-person bands operating without many admin staff so they won't have time to engage with lengthy emails. Keep your writing succinct and targeted.​


  • Make it local. An email highlighting an issue of local relevance is much more likely to grab the candidate's attention than an email highlighting general or national concerns. Use the opportunity to highlight issues relating to counselling at a constituency level. As well as making sure you present a local angle to your issue, your approach will also be much more effective as you're a local voter, so make that clear in your email.


  • Make the candidate an offer. Candidates are always interested in meeting voters or visiting a local service, group or event. Where appropriate you could offer candidates the opportunity to visit your service to meet and hear directly from practitioners or people with lived experience.


The names and contact information of Candidates in your constituency is provided by Democracy Club and the Engaging Networks campaign platform. Please be aware that the deadline for registering as a Candidate in the 2019 General Election is 4pm on the 14th November 2019 and that until sufficient time has passed for both organisations to update the database with verified contact information there may be gaps in the information available . If you wish to find out more about the content within this database you can visit the dedicated page on the Engaging Networks website.